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7 Tips to Help Increase the Value of Your Home

Deciding to sell your home can be both exciting and stressful and in most cases, your primary concern is how to maximise the value of your property so that  you can achieve the full asking price.

In this article, we provide 7 tips to help increase the value of your home.

  1. Extension: Expanding your living areas by adding an extension is a sure fire way to help increase the overall value of your home sometimes by up to 20% of your homes original value. Want a rough guide to how much the value of your property might increase? Call Oakwood Estate Agents for a free appraisal on 0207 249 1000 or follow this link to use a tool developed by the Office for National Statistics.
  2. Loft Conversions: Utilising your property’s roof space by adding a loft conversion means you can add to the number of bedrooms and in return increase the value of your home.
  3. Kitchen Improvements: Some say the kitchen is the hub of the home. Spending time and money improving the kitchen and creating a light, modern environment will do wonders in helping you achieve the sale price you hoped for.
  4. Bathroom Upgrade: A bathroom is an important place for lots of people. A long soak in a good sized bathtub after a hard day at work can be pure bliss. Clean, modern bathrooms with good quality accessories can help improve the value of your home.
  5. Adding a WC: Be inventive when utilising the free space around your home and try to squeeze in an extra WC. One big family bathroom is great but if you can complement this with an additional WC you will easily increase the appeal of your home.
  6. The Garden: With our British summers improving year on year we all tend to spend more time in the garden. If your property has a rear garden you should seriously consider having it landscaped.  An attractive garden can make a difference when it comes to selling your property.
  7. General Improvements: Selling your home quickly and at the best price is also dependent on the first impressions potential buyers attain from viewing your property.

Andy Loizou Manager at Oakwood Estate Agents says: “Carrying out repairs and improvements to your home can help support an increase in the value of your home. Our experienced valuers at Oakwood Estate Agents can give you a clearer idea of your home’s current value as well as its potential value post renovation.

If your property is situated in Stoke Newington or the surrounding area and you are considering selling your property please feel free to contact our offices for a free appraisal on 0207 249 1000.

About the Author

Andy Loizou Manager

Andy began his career at Oakwood in 2000 as a trainee negotiator and as a consistent top performer he was promoted to Branch Manager in 2006. Andy has a passion for property and is knowledgeable on all aspects of sales and lettings and is always available in the office to talk to customers.

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