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  • January 16, 2019

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions When Selling Property

Having been established since 1994 and with over 40 years of combined experience, we have come across a large number of questions posed by those seeking to sell their properties.

Some of the questions we’ve received over the years have been shockingly obvious with others completely unanswerable but there has been a number of questions that are asked more frequently than others and we’ve listed them in this article.

Do I need a for sale sign when selling a property?
Erecting a for sale board outside your property is not compulsory. However, a well-placed sign can help increase the chances of finding a buyer quickly. With the popularity of property listing websites likes Rightmove it can be easy to disregard the impact a well-placed board can have. Oftentimes buyers of your property will be local sometimes even neighbours and or people working nearby, a board can alert these people to enquire about your property for sale.

Will I need to conduct or be present for viewings?
At Oakwood Estate Agents we accompany all viewings and it is not necessary for property owners to be present. However, if you feel more comfortable you can accompany us all viewings. It’s really up to you.

What’s the right time to list my property for sale?
Although some theories suggest the best time to sell is in the spring or summer, we’ve found that listing a property for sale in the winter favours the seller, this is because there are fewer properties listed on the market and therefore less competition. Having said that many sellers prefer to list their property for sale in the spring and summer months and this is just as effective.

What is the current market value of my property?
This is the main questions sellers want answering and although we can usually give approximate values over the phone it is important to understand that your property is unique and therefore may attract a higher sale price than the property next door. There are many factors that may increase or decrease the value of a property, for example, a new loft conversion is likely to increase the number of bedrooms in the property and therefore the value of the home.

How long will it take to sell my property?
This is one of the most common questions we are asked by sellers. In truth there is no definitive answer, some properties sell within days of listing and other take weeks and sometimes months. According to a recent study by the Post Office the average UK property currently takes 102 days to sell however property listed in London takes on average 126 days to sell.

About the Author

Andy Loizou Manager

Andy began his career at Oakwood in 2000 as a trainee negotiator and as a consistent top performer he was promoted to Branch Manager in 2006. Andy has a passion for property and is knowledgeable on all aspects of sales and lettings and is always available in the office to talk to customers.

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